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Staying Healthy While You Travel

  • Stay hydrated. Airplane cabin's are pressurized and tend to dry eyes and nasal passages out. By increasing your water intake you can keep the germs away. Water can also help to prevent blood clots. So, bring a water bottle and fill it at a water fountain once you pass through security, or buy one from a vendor in a secured area.
  • Bring your own blanket and pillow. Some airlines still provide amenities like pillows and blankets, but most do not. Carrying a small, foldable blanket and neck pillow will help to reduce the number of germs you're exposed to.
  • Bring healthy snacks, including nuts, dried fruit or other easily portable food items.
  • Move around. Blood clots can be a major concern while flying, especially if you are flying cross-country or overseas. Get up and walk around the cabin, when possible. When seated, try to tap your feet or do seated calf raises to improve blood circulation.

If You're Flying

  • Do your research. Whether you're planning a trip weeks in advance or taking advantage of a last-minute deal, it helps to do your research. Choose flexible travel dates to allow for the best deals. Consider flying into an alternate airport nearby that may not be as busy.
  • Pack Light. Today more and more airlines are charging to check bags. You can save money by packing lighter or sending items ahead to your destination instead of taking them with you on the plane. Try sending gifts to their destinations or avoiding wrapping them if you must bring them with you.
  • Leave early. Whether you're flying or driving, leaving early will allow you buffer time to deal with traffic jams, parking and security lines. When possible use light-rail transit system that stops near the airports to avoid traffic and airport parking.
  • Stay up-to-date on flight changes. Download your airline's app to get alerts about gate changes or delays in with your flight.